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Morris can’t help but mention Prescott when describing Elliott’s success because he went through the same thing four years ago with Robert Griffin III in Washington. The standout combo of Griffin and Morris helped the Redskins reach the playoffs.

“It’s been fun to watch, especially cheap jerseys him and Dak,” Morris said. “I know I keep throwing Dak in there, but they’re so good together. It’s pretty cool to see and I’m just sitting back and kind of admiring, like, man, just keep it up, keep it up, keep it up.”

Elliott started the season under the cloud of a domestic violence investigation in Ohio over an incident during the summer. He has been cleared legally, but not by the NFL.

It hasn’t affected Elliott’s generally cheery demeanor in the locker room Indianapolis Colts jerseys — during the week or on game days.

After the Cowboys broke the club’s regular-season record with their ninth straight win last Sunday against Baltimore, Elliott chided 14th-year tight end Jason Witten about his age yet again.

It was something about the 34-year-old Witten having played football longer wholesale jerseys from china than Elliott had been alive.

“Yeah, think about it,” Elliott said Tuesday, not backing down from his claim. “If you count his wholesale NFL jerseys high school, college and pro years. I’m 21. Do the math.”

Well, it doesn’t quite add up. But that’s not really the point. The effect on Elliott’s older teammates — which is all of them — is the point.

“He’s a totally different player from Week 2 and that’s all credit to him by the way he approaches practice, the way he goes cheap NFL jerseys out there and just ‘beasts’ it and has fun throughout practice,” receiver Dez Bryant said. “We just go out there and enjoy it.”

Besides the sluggish start to the season, Elliott has had slow starts to games. He didn’t touch the ball in the second quarter against the Ravens and had 26 yards rushing at halftime.

But Elliott finished with 97 yards for his eighth straight game with at least 92 while breaking Dorsett’s club rookie rushing record of 1,007 yards. He needed 25 carries (a rough-and-tumble 3.9-yard average) against the NFL’s top rushing defense.

“The teams I’ve been on and been successful, they are physical teams,” said Elliott, who has 1,102 yards rushing. “There are not many teams that want to do that for four quarters and that’s a mentality. I think that’s the championship style. I think championship teams all have that.”

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