about 2 years ago

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My name is called XGWwei, I'm from Los Angeles in the United States, I'm a junior programmer, like the Internet chat, make friends.
I in East Los Angeles College study. I like to travel alone, I have been to many cities of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, fuzhou, Hong Kong, macau, China is a big change, the city's scenery is very beautiful, I like it very much.
I also know a lot of Chinese friends, have a Chinese friend is I met on the net, his name is LinQiang,  he 21 years old this year, He and I are very like sports, favorite NFL. On his birthday, I in this website  Wholesale jerseys to buy him a few  cheap nfl jerseys, he is very happy.
My dream is, later can when the boss, more wholesale nfl jerseys on the Internet.

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